Fresh Bread Anyone?

Monday, December 28, 2009
So my mom and I have been thinking about getting a bread maker after we saw one at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. They had one on sale for about $46 dollars, and that's after coupons. From what I have seen, that is an incredible price. It is Oster brand and the model is #5838.

Some of the features include:
-A viewing screen so you can watch as your bread is being made
-A jam maker
-60-minute keep warm cycle
-13 hour delay setting to let you come home or wake up to fresh bread
-Able to add in fruit and nuts
-Makes doughs and pasta
-3 crust color settings
-18 bread settings
-And some others...

I guess what I'm getting at here is...

Does anyone own this bread machine or a similar one? Do you use it as often as you thought? Or does it collect dust in your cupboard? Does the machine work as well as it says it will? Do I really need this machine to make good bread?

Also, my mom and I are obsessed with bread, and my sister enjoys it as well. If we bought this, we would hope to replace the white bread my dad uses for lunches. Now my mom and I don't eat bleached white flour or anything, but it's all my dad likes. We're not so sure he will like the white bread the machine will make and therefore we will still have to buy store bread. However, we would like this bread to replace the store bread.

There's a lot of questions we need answered and it'd be great if I could get some feedback!


  1. Mary said...:

    I have a bread machine. It is a Breadman Model TR520. It replaced a Breadman that I got over 10 years ago. Unfortunately I can't use the same recipes from the old bread machine with the new machine. The new machine seems to need more flour.

    I like having a bread machine because it is easy to make homemade bread. The bread is very tasty. You can also just make dough for pizza and calzones very easily. It is especially good if you need to make bread or dough while you are not home, just fill the pan, put it in the machine and leave.

    Some people say that you can easily make bread with a good food processor instead of buying a bread machine. But if you do that you have to stay home and watch it.

    The important thing about replacing store bought bread with bread machine bread is slicing. You need a good bread knife if someone might not like thick slices of bread for sandwiches. It is also a problem if you eat more bread than you should because homemade bread tastes so good.

    Overall I like my bread machine. It makes a surprisingly good french bread, much better than the store bakery. My bread machine only makes bread. That is a good price for one that does so much more.

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