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Wednesday, July 7, 2010
So it's no secret that I'm in love with my ice cream maker. I am so thankful for it and can't wait to continue tryin great new flavors! And I was lucky enough to win a bread maker recently, though it's taken me awhile to get it out of the package... But who can I thank for both of these amazing gifts? CSN stores! You've probably seen and heard about them all across the blog world at this point, but here goes another mention!

In addition to these lovely food related items, they sell things from a vanity to a bar stool, stuff for babies and kids, and a ton of furniture. Of course my favorites are everything they have related to food. Such as a cast iron skillet perhaps? A cast iron skillet seems like a basic everyone should have and I realize I'm lacking by not having one myself. So the lovely CSN store is willing to provide me with one! That's amazing! I hope now I can make some fabulous cornbreads and perfect dutch babies; the possibilities are endless!

Check back in soon to see how it goes when I try it out for the first time!


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