I'm Backkk!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010
I'm back my bloggie loves! I know it has been a terribly long time since I've posted but I can certainly explain myself. I had asked my sister to do some guest blogging for me while I was away, but I saw upon my return that she has failed me. What else is new? ;)

I went on a really great trip with one of my best friends (the commonly mentioned Maria) and her family. We spent time at their mountain house, then Washington D.C., then a whole week at Bethany Beach, Delaware! This was my first time going to the beach and I had such a great time. We had beautiful weather (most days) and stayed in a cute house. It was great having a pool you could return to after spending time at the beach as well.

I did try boogie boarding and riding some waves, but I wasn't a fan of being basically beat up by the waves. Oh, and the sand. Yeah, sand is nice, but not all up in your bathing suit. I did, however, enjoy tanning, laying out in the sun, getting some rays, etc. I happily returned nice and tan and sunburn free!

The day after returning from that vacation, I headed off to Cedar Point with my own family! My sister met some friends at the amusement park, while my mom, dad, and I headed to Soak City. I DO NOT do well at amusement parks. My stomach can not handle it AT ALL. I strongly emphasize this fact because it is really bad. Ever hear of Kennywood Park? It's a half hour from my house in Pittsburgh and my school has a picnic there every year. I go, I get sick, vow I'll never do it again, and then end up going the next year. I just don't seem to learn.

Soak City was really fun. I love love love water parks because I never get s
ick. I love the thrill of the slides, especially the enclosed ones! It was a three hour drive to Sandusky and I drove the whole way=) And, I continued to do all the driving while we remained there. However, I allowed my dad to drive us home. I need to do some hardcore texting, and you can't do that while driving of course!

So now I'm finally home after two full weeks of vacation and ironically I feel like I need a vacation from vacation! Just time to relax and unwind and make lists. I love making lists. To be honest, though, I have so much to catch up on because my school insisted on calling me and e-mailing me numerous times throughout my vacation. I was appointed president of this group at our school called Student Ambassadors. I won't bore you with descriptions.

Foodwise, I went to this amazing place called The Thirsty Pony. I had lobster bisque in a sourdough bread bowl. I loved how they put the bread bowl in a bowl and then drenched the bisque overtop, allowing it to get all mushy and gooood. For a dinner I went to a Perkins for the first time. Ehhh. Nothing special at all. I also went to a Denny's for the first time and loved it! They're french toast is awesome and they had nice yogurt and granola. Not to mention some fab pancake options. Also, I hit up the Hard Rock Cafe in DC and got the S.O.B. burger. It was money.

Now I've been dying to tell you guys something. But I think I'll do a separate post because this one is super long. Hint: DC Cupcakes.

So, will I be back to baking? If I am, it'll be slow. I'm a little busy but it should slow down soon. I still have some old posts in my back pocket to use in the meantime. What I can reveal is that I'm actually going to be doing some cooking. Gasp! I know I know, but I have to hold true to my blog title somehow!

Thank you if you were able to make it through this whole recap! Check in soon for some recipes!


  1. Ingrid said...:

    I wanna be you! Sounds and looks like you're having a fantastic summer! You go girl.

    I'll be on the lookout for that cupcake post.

    Happy Friday's Eve!

  1. Bob said...:

    Sounds like you're having a great time! I've spent most of my summer sitting around doing nothing. ;)

  1. Magic of Spice said...:

    Looks like you had a fantastic time...fun photos:) Welcome back!

  1. Lamchop said...:

    I love that picture of you two pushing the tower. I took a similar picture with the Pisa :) It's such a touristy pose, everybody was doing it!

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