Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream With My New Ice Cream Maker

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I got my brand new ice cream maker! I was surprised how fast it was shipped to me, actually. It's just taken me a bit to getting around to using it... I'm a busy girl, ya know? Then there's the whole matter of posting about it. But I got around to it!

I definitely knew I wanted to make a vanilla ice cream because it's simple and the best way to tell if the ice cream maker's legit or not. This one was completely legit

The Deni ice cream maker worked wonderfully. I've never used one before, obvi, but this was super easy. It says to let churn for anywhere from 5-30 mins. I think going the full 30 gets you to that ice cream state and not just soupy goodness. 'Cause trust me, even before it's actually ice cream, it tastes HEAVENLY!

I am so thankful to the CSN Stores for giving me this opportunity!
I have always wanted an ice cream maker and everyone in my family is so excited!

We all thought the ice cream was superb! It is so much more cost
effective as well. Not to mention no preservatives or other chemicals. And you can control what you put in it!

The recipe I used was one given in the pamphlet I received with my product. It produced great results. However, I may not return to some of the others because they use a lot of 'light', 'reduced fat', 'skim', or 'egg beater' ingredients. I'm all for the more fat or more natural the better.

I didn't skimp on the vanilla ;)

Nice and thick=)

French Vanilla Ice Cream
3 eggs
1 cup of sugar

1 1/2 cups milk
2 cups of heavy cream
2 tsp. vanilla

1. Beat eggs and milk together in a large saucepan.

2. Add sugar and cook over low heat, stirring constantly until thickened (approx. 10 mins).
3. Mixture should coat the spoon.
4. Cool, then add cream and vanilla.
5. Mix well and refrigerate to chill thoroughly.
6. Slowly pour contents into your already spinning ice cream maker.
7. Leave running for about 30 minutes.
8. Allow to freezer in your freezer until desired hardness.

Graham cracker base, homemade vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped topping. Missing: Dark chocolate brownie (I didn't get a photo of that one=/)


  1. Ingrid said...:

    YAY! Good for you! I have an ice cream maker and LOVE it! :) You've got me wanting ice cream now.

  1. steph said...:

    Looks great! I can't wait to break out my ice cream maker.

  1. I'm jealous! I'd just love an ice cream maker. That looks awesome.

  1. Chef Aimee said...:

    Congrats on the new ice cream maker! Oh this looks sooo good! :)

  1. Barbara said...:

    Nice ice cream maker and you made my favorite ice cream...vanilla! I don't use my ice cream maker as much as I should but I promised myself this summer I would do lots of experimenting!

  1. shaz said...:

    Great looking ice-cream maker, I like how it's transparent. Great job on the ice-cream too - very tempting :)I really would like an ice-cream maker but not sure where I'd put it.

  1. Trissa said...:

    I bought an ice cream maker two years ago - sadly it's just been used once! This post has inspired me to dig out the machine and finally use it again!

  1. That is just about the cutest little ice cream I have ever seen. Well done! Your ice cream looks scrumptious.

  1. homemade ice cream is the best! Can I have a scoop?



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