MSC: Tres Leches Cupcakes

Sunday, May 16, 2010
This makes me soooo ticked.I definitely already had this post written like 10 days ago, and had it set to publish itself on the 15th (yesterday). So I check back on here toady and see no new post on my blog AND find I had nothing written whatsoever in my inventory.

AHHHHH! I completely remember writing one. It mentioned how I love love loved these cupcakes. How the spongy moist texture and taste were so new to me and I feel in love. How this was my first encounter with sweetened condensed milk, and how it may need to visit again.

The cupcakes were easy to make, for sure. Simpler than Martha's usual methods. The only thing is, when you're ready to put your topping on, be ready to eat them! It's a whipped cream topping so it will not hold up like normal frosting or meringue toppings. I LOVED the addition of a sprinkle of cinnamon to the top. It really was the last piece to the puzzle for me.

This month was hosted by Smiley's Sweets and Creations. I am SO glad she chose these. I really enjoyed this new texture of cupcake that I have never had before!

P.S.- I didn't have any foil muffin liners so I went on without them. It turned out just fine!


  1. Julie said...:

    Your cupcakes look beautiful! I didn't use foil liners either and it was fine.

  1. I've had this in cake form. When I make this for family parties, they rave over it. Now in a cupcake form? Love it!


  1. Patty said...:

    These were delicious! I just loved the whipped cream topping.

  1. Chef Dennis said...:

    they look great!! I know my girls would love these cupcakes

  1. Momgateway said...:

    I like your version of making it into cupcakes--so great with kids around!

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