MSC: Cookies and Cream

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My schedule is hectic. My homework is out my butt. Volleyball is 24/7. But I had to bake these=)

(This post will be a short one. My apologies!)

I started by making a fourth of the recipe. This wasn't too hard with a recipe calling for four eggs, 16 oz cream cheese, and other numbers easily divisible by 4. The ingredients themselves are few. And since I had Oreo's left over from the ice cream I made, I knew it was fate.

There's a small twist to them though. I did not have cream cheese on hand. GASP. How could I call it fate to make mini cheesecakes whenever I didn't
even have cream cheese on hand?! Because I had just-about-to-go-bad mascarpone cheese on hand. Duhhhh. I guess I was feeling crazy in the kitchen! I also went ahead and left off the tops of the Oreos that I placed on the bottom of each cupcake. I used to tops as the crushed up Oreo for the cheesecake part. A wise choice, I might add.

Okay verdict time: The mascarpone cheese was a definite hit! There was a slight difference in taste but not a bad one at all! It was tough waiting for these to cool. So I had to eat one warm. Not too bad actually=)

Photographing cheesecakes is odd. I'm terrible at photographing food as is, so this was a tricky one. Maybe one of these days I'll learn a thing or two about taking pictures of my food. Until then, trust in my mediocre pictures and know that these beauties were extremely delicious. So delicious, in fact, that eating five of the 6 in one day is in no way a bad thing;)


  1. Julie said...:

    They look delicious. Love the idea of the mascarpone!

  1. Monet said...:

    I agree...photographing cheese cake is so very hard! I never have much success. But I must say that your pictures made me wish I could bite into one of those mini oreo cheescakes. Yum!

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