Cookies N' Cream Cupcakes

Friday, February 5, 2010
My sister got her wisdom teeth taken out today at 21 years old. Ouch... My mom said she would be "baby-ing" her a lot because she'll be in a ton of pain. For her, getting her wisdom teeth taken out is extra painful. She's had many surgeries in her lifetime around her jaw and mouth. So that means liquefied foods, smoothies, ice cream, and such. One of her all time favorites the Oreo milkshake my mom makes. She only makes it at special times since Oreos have trans fat and are pretty unhealthy. (Although now I believe Oreos don't have trans fat) But we never have Oreos in the house. So when I saw them I knew I had to jump at a chance to bake with them.

What to make?.....

Cupcakes! If you had to think about the answer to this for longer than a few seconds, then you obviously don't know me ha ha. So I went searching for a recipe and decided to cut it down to only make four.

The recipe has like five ingredients is is amazingly simple. It does use a box mix, which I am no way a fan of, but I happened to have white cake mix laying around from forever ago.

The verdit? Wowowow. No wonder this recipe is used all over. It's incredible. The crumb is so light you swear you were eating air. But delicious and filling and tastey air;-)

Cookies N' Cream Cupcakes
adapted from here

Ingredients: (The measurements are for four cupcakes onnly!)
1/4 of a 18.5 oz box of cake mix
1/2 egg
1/16 sour cream, plain yogurt or greek yogurt (I used greek yogurt)
1/4 cup water
1/2 cup or less crushed up oreos

Combine the cake mix, 1/2 egg, greek yogurt (or other), and water. Then fold in the crushed oreos.

Grease four muffin tins, or use liners. Greasing worked out fine for me without the use of liners.

Bake for about 15 minutes. Give or take two minutes.

Allow to cool.

Cookies N' Cream Cream Cheese Frosting

Ingredients: (I eyeballed these he he)

3-4 oz cream cheese
4 tablespoons butter
2 or more cups powdered sugar
3 crushed up oreos



  1. Chef Aimee said...:

    This made me smile...when both my sisters got their wisdom teeth pulled, oreo milkshakes were aplenty in the house!

    These cupcakes look delicious...

  1. Susan said...:

    Yum! Those cupcakes look delicious! I love cookies and cream ice cream so I am sure I would love these!

  1. Mary said...:

    I love cupcakes too and those look great. I wonder if my son would eat them since he loves oreos.

  1. grace said...:

    this is wonderful, sherry! i'm fairly certain most of the frosting wouldn't ever make it onto the cupcakes though...i have no self-control when it comes to that stuff. :)

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