De Luca's : A restaurant review.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009
This restaurant review is the complete opposite of my last diner experience.

Tucked into the crowded streets of the Strip district, De Luca's restaurant is an acclaimed diner that shows no signs of slowing down.

When I walked in, it was exactly as I'd imagined a diner should look. It was buzzing with excitement, and there were no seats available. We weren't in a hurry or anything so the wait didn't bother us. Shortly after we were told there were seats opening in the back, after we saw them we realized we wanted something more in the midst of all the commotion, to get the "real diner experience". When we came back to the front to wait in line again, another couple had showed up. I won't go into too many details but let's just say they didn't give a hoot that we had come in first. Since we walked to the back they considered that getting out of line. Our hostess, who I believe was also the owner, took our side the whole time and kept explaining how we had been there first and therefore the next open table was ours. But my mom and I aren't big scene starters, so using our most disgusted sounding voices we told them that the next table could be theirs. Not a great start to our dining experience but we tried our best to shrug it off.

When we did get our table, quickly after, we were given our menus. Wow. They have an amazing selection. The whole first page is devoted to all your classic breakfasts. Hundreds of combinations are placed before your eyes and they do half the thinking for you. If you're looking for lo-carb or body builer breakfasts, they've got you covered. Omelets, egg burritos and wraps, meats, and seafood, all options for their great breakfast meals.

One the next page, well that's when it gets interesting. You're now faced with their pancakes, waffles, french toast, and crepes. I was completely over whelmed and literally had to calm myself down. A choice of buckwheat or buttermilk pancakes is the least of your worries. Their "fancy toppings & pancakes" include things like apples & cinnamon, blueberry, strawberries & cream, pecan, peanut butter, granola, banana, coconut, chocolate chip, & others. Now, their Heavenly Hotcakes & Waffle Sundaes, are a whole new story. These include combinations like the Funky Monkey which has double chocolate banana hotcakes with vanilla ice cream, bananas, chocolate sauce, & whipped cream. Or the Banana Split with banana hotcakes, vanilla ice cream, strawberries, blueberries, chocolate sauce, nuts, & whipped cream. There are countless others I could list, but I won't. It's time for crepes. They've got your savory breakfast crepe, but then there's the sweet and delicious ones=). Granny's Apple Cinnamon, Banana Pecan, Chocolate Chip Strawberry, & more! Okay enough of that, next page.

Then you've got your soups, sandwiches, and burgers. On back of that, there's wraps, melts, and salads. Then below it is their ultimate soda shoppe. Basically, whatever kind of milkshake, float, or sundae you want, they'll make it, so go crazy.

My mom and I first ordered they banana split hotcakes and cinnabon waffles, but at the last minute we had our order changed. I know, I think it's pretty rude when people go and change their order after its been placed, but thankfully they hadn't started making it yet. And, there was no way we could pass up the cheese blintzes. They were 2 crepes filled with sweet creamy ricotta cheese, dusted with powdered sugar, served with lemon and lingonberries. My goodness was it delicious! The warm ricotta and the delicate crepe are a match made in heaven. Then, you must squeeze lemon juice all over it and add the lingonberry preserves on top for the perfect mouthful! Needless to say, they were gone in 2 seconds. I will say they were pretty small for they price of $6.59. Fine Pamela's, your price was a better bargain. But these were extremely good.

We also got a short stack(2) of pumpkin pancakes. Yummmm!! Honestly, setting aside that they were incredibly pumpkiny, these were just the most perfect pancakes ever. They were just the right size and color of what pancakes should be. But the inside was gorgeous! Moist, soft, fluffy goodness is how I would desribe them. Not rubbery texture or tough inside, and not at all overcooked or undercooked. And of course the pumpkin flavor was dead on, the perfect amount of pumpkin taste, with a delightful whipped cream topping to complete it. These were priced at $3.59 which was really a steal for how good they were.

I will most definitely be returning there as soon as I can. While, we were eating the lady I presumed to be the owner went around to tables and refilled coffee's while engaging in conversation. She was a funny and charming woman who really cared about her customers. There were so many things on the menu I would love to try and hopefully I'll have more opportunities to go there. I strongly suggest you try some breakfast and you won't regret it=).


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