Friday, January 1, 2010
I felt a new, more mature layout was necessary for the new year. I hope you like it. A new font as well. For my first calendar year of blogging (really only 6 months for me), I think I did pretty well. I hardly knew what a blog was before I started this! There was a whole world out there that I never knew existed up until 6 months ago. It's pretty crazy. This blog has meant so much to me. It's documented many accomplishments of mine through cooking and baking.
It's something I really love and this blog has helped me develop my skills. But I really have to give credit to all the other bloggers out there who inspire me. You guys are the ones that keep me sane, broaden my horizons, and keep me smiling. So Happy New Year to all of you!

Let's make this one great year, full of fabulous food, friends, and family.

Me and my two best friends on New Years! (Don't worry, the sweater is a joke. I would never wear that! Hahaha!)


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Thanks for the sweet comment!! Happy New Years girl!

    And oh, LOOOVE that sweater. The snowmen are classic.

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