Birthday Eats=)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010
So I'm finally done with midterms! Yessss! Honestly, a huge weight feels lifted.

Religion: Not my best work... But I really did know my stuff! It was all true or false and I'm a second-guesser type=/

History: Pretty good. My essays were bomb and I did better than most people.

Honors Pre-Calc: Well, I'd rather not talk about this one. Thanks goodness it only brought my grade down one percentage point. Then with honors weighting it should sky rocket=)

Honors Spanish IV: I have yet to see what I got. Considering my grade now, it better be good! Last year I won the Spanish in my Spanish III class, so this year its pretty weird how my grades are. It's the new teacher. La profesora es loca!

Advanced Chemistry: I just took it today and it was pretty ridic. We honestly asked her questions throughout the whole test. I was one of the few to actually finish! Oddly, I felt okay about it.

AP World Literature: If the title isn't enough to scare you, wait until you see the 200 question midterm! 200 questions in one hour! as I mentioned before I'm not too good at math, but that's like over 2 questions a minute right? I barely finished! It was open book and it totally saved me. (Thanks Mom for bringing it to school for me after I left it in my room. He he...) And again, oddly I felt good about it!

So the madness is over and I have a half day Friday. But let's not forget the real importance of these past few days. MY BIRTHDAY!

I had a busy weekend socially. Studying was not one of my top priorities. Unless you're reading this Mom, then it totally was! But Friday I went to a basketball game, out to eat, then back to my friend's house for a major BFF sleepover. Saturday I returned home and caught up on much needed sleep. I bummed around and watched Confessions of a Shopoholic. It was surprisingly good. Go Netflix! Sunday was the kicker. That morning was church, the fastest shower of my life, took my sister back to college, then around town (I'll elaborate more later), then ANOTHER sleepover. This time with some friends from musical. & one of my BFF's. We got ice cream in the freezing cold, went to see The Lovely Bones, and ate plenty of junk food. Monday (my official birthday!) I got home, attempted to study, then ended up going out to eat with my mom.

It was crazy but I loved every minute.

Now back to the"around town" business I mentioned.

We went hunting for cupcakes. Dozen cupcakes, Vanilla, and Coco's cupcakes were all on the list.

First we hit up Vanilla:

That's such a cute box=)

Vanilla cupcake with caramel butter cream.

I'll try and make this short, but I truly can't. The appearance of the shop was beyond adorable. So so so cute and inviting. It has lime green walls with pink accents and white borders. All clean cut and fun! Cutesy is a good word. The sell a lot more than cupcakes, like cookie, biscotti, muffins, and such, but they're famous for the cupcakes.

Do you see that?? That's all you could ever except of a cupcake right there!!

I now know why. I will never, ever, never ever eat another cupcake from anywhere else, unless I am force feed. I am promising you this right here and now. On the internet for all to see. (Although who really reads this?) BEST CUPCAKE EVER. My life is now complete, you can be sure. Okay, I must stop before I begin to cry out of longing. Go ahead and bet your bottom because I WILL be going back!

De-flippin'-licious! I even licked the wrapper clean! Don't judge me.

Then we headed to Coco's cupcakes:

Completely different atmosphere. The outside looked like a bank and the inside was dark, cold, empty, and uninviting. I'm not dissing it too badly here, but it just can't compare to Vanilla.

I got a vanilla cupcake (of course) with vanilla butter cream.

My mom got a vanilla cupckae with chocolate butter cream. No cute boxes here so it got smooshed=(

The cupcakes? Meh. I mean better than store bought (maybe?) and possibly homemade kinds. But nothing to call home about. It had a crunchy top, which was kind of weird. And it just didn't taste fabulous. I guess I was coming off the Vanilla high.

No time for Dozen unfortunately. We headed to Trader Joe's though and stocked up on plenty of Good Eats!

We had a left over 1 hanging around.

For more birthday fun, we went to the Market District Giant Eagle and bought a gourmet cake to celebrate with! I chose a white almond cake with raspberry filling covered in white chocolate shavings. There were so many to chose from it was overwhelming!

It was delicious and I'm ashamed to say how much I ate that night! Haha but it was soo good.


  1. Ingrid said...:

    Now I'm wanting cake in the worst way!

    Happy Birthday! :)

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