MSC: Strawberry Cupcakes

Tuesday, June 15, 2010
I'm writing this post in some pain. I just got my wisdom teeth out yesterday. OUCH. It was extremely painful. It astonishes me how many people have this procedure done, yet I feel like I've complained more than anyone. No dry sockets yet, and let's pray never. So far I haven't eaten anything, which sucks because I love love to eat. I was smart and prepped some food for me ahead of time, which I'll post soon (once I've actually had a chance to eat it). Ahhhh, my mouth is so sore right now. Okay, let's focus on what today is really about.

It is the 15th. That means a Martha Stewart Cupcake is in order! And, oh wait, IT WAS MY PICK! Aww yeahhh. Okay, well with it being June and all, I thought this seemed seasonally appropriate, and as I've mentioned before, strawberry is Mummy-Dearest's favorite. I made these a while ago for my Honors Chorus bake sale. You see, we've been given an opportunity of a lifetime.

We will be going on a 6-day trip to New York City. (I cried when I found out) I have never been there, so of course I'm ecstatic. We're going to see West Side Story
and Marry Poppins on Broadway, as well as the opera Carmen.

Plus some lovely sites
like the Statue of Liberty:
Why are we doing this? The lovely American composer Tim Janis has asked us to come and sing at CARNEGIE HALL. Yes, THE Carnegie Hall. Here in Pittsburgh we did a special with him known as Celebrate America!, but now he wants us for his Christmas special!

This trip means a LOT of fund raising will need done, but we are all so determined! One of the first things we had was a bake sale, and for it, I made these cupcakes.

They were amazing! I thought the strawberry buttercream on top was so buttery and yet sweet and and just a perfect match for the cupcake.

The cupcake base was super moist but it held together nicely. The strawberries were finely chopped in mine so there weren't any big pieces making it hard to eat through.

I got so many compliments on them. The recipe made a ton so I was able to have plenty to sell. I would say these are my favorite cupcakes so far, but I feel like I say that every time!

Check out the club blog for the blog roll and updates on the upcoming cupcakes! Thank you to everyone who baked along with me this month-) I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!!


  1. Rebecca said...:

    Thanks so much for the awesome pick. I brought these to a birthday party and everyone LOVED them. Amazing. I can't wait to make them again and this time I am not halving the recipe. Good luck with the fundraising and the wisdom teeth.

  1. Marthe said...:

    Sooo pretty!! I served mine 'naked' :)
    I feel your pain, literally: got one wisdom tooth pulled today, two more to go in six months!!

  1. Sugar Betty said...:

    Thanks for a great pick, Sherry! Love love love this one! You made plenty enough to share, right? ;)

    Have fun in NYC . . we came back in May. I miss it already.

    Glad you're a member, you are a baking super star! xo

  1. Kayte said...:

    Great favorites so far!! Yours look lovely all lined up. Thanks for choosing these as I was really really wanting to make them during strawberry season. What a great trip!

  1. the twins said...:

    yum! the cupcakes look delicious. have fun in nyc!

  1. Nina said...:

    Wow, congrats on going on NYC. I'm supposed to visit sometime at the end of this summer and I'm so excited!

    Your cupcakes look so delicious!

  1. Jess said...:

    Lovely job on the cupcakes - especially with everything else you have going on! Carnegie Hall, wow!

    I had four impacted wisdom teeth pulled a few years ago, and you're right, it's no picnic. The recovery from my teeth was worse than recovery from having two kids - and I never got dry sockets either! My surgeon said it's just a tough procedure the older you get. I hope you're feeling better soon!

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