Cast Iron Skillet Review

Thursday, August 19, 2010
I'm sure you've seen CSN stores talked about all over the blog world. And while you may be sick of hearing about them, they certainly haven't stopped supplying great products at great prices with great reliability. After ordering my product, I received it no less than four days later! Much sooner than they told me. So that's really awesome!

My product choice was a cast iron skillet, pre-seasoned mind you. I didn't own a cast iron skillet before, but I've heard about their wonders. Though it was c
alled pre-seasoned, you still need to season it? Idk, whatever. It's still very nice and authentically heavy!It's first use? A dutch baby pancake of course! It was all my mom though. They've become her special breakfast item that I occasionally help her with (and make better hehe). But we wanted to see if using a cast iron skillet really made an authentic dutch baby with puffy sides and all!

So let's compare:

A regular cake pan dutch baby:

A cast iron skillet dutch baby:

Verdict: Obviously it's visually apparent that I got way more fluff from the regular cake pan than the cast iron skillet. It also tasted much much better than the cast iron skillet version. However, in all fairness, my mom (no offense here) chose a new recipe which was horrible. So that could explain it. We will for sure be making more babies in the future;) JK that just sounds weird... We'll be making DUTCH babies again.

I won't share the recipe for the cast iron skillet dutch baby since it was so bad, but click here, and you can find my post for that delicious apple dutch baby!


  1. I love my iron skillets, but I have to say I've never made a dutch baby in them. Your one in the cake pan looks fabulous! Maybe you should try that recipe in your skillet. I'm going to!

  1. Monet said...:

    Wow! The one in the cake pan really fluffed up! I have never tried making a dutch baby before, but now I want to give one a try!

  1. Tyrone said...:

    Congratulations on your first skillet!

    I'd definitely blame the recipe. Dutch Babies turn out great in a cast iron skillet. (So do pies, cakes, pizza, steaks, pancakes, chili, grilled cheese sammichs, paninis, popcorn, fish & chips, tortillas, and much more.)

    Once you get used to using a cast iron skillet, you'll wonder how you lived without it.

  1. Ingrid said...:

    I'm gonna try out that apple version!

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