Tuesday, August 31, 2010
You just have to love the CSN stores by now. They are such nice people with such amazing offers. They love allowing bloggers to do reviews of their products, and we love it too!

I've been contacted again and was asked to do a product review. Uhh duhhh. Of course I will! So as much as I would like get more baking equipment to make something I can relax and enjoy and eat with my coffee while resting my feet up on a coffee table, I'm letting my sister pick the item. Yepp I'm soooo nice.

She's really into Japanese style eats. Well a lot of Japanese style anything, actually. But I have to agree with her, I'm a big promoter of sushi. She also recently told me about these lunches known as bento boxes. We both agreed they'd serve as wonderful lunches for even us! So she's determined to start making them for the three women of my family. (I mean c'mon, my dad would never try this stuff)

More about bento boxes. After looking at some crazy pictures of these bento boxes, it seems the Japanese really consider it an art form. Take a look:

This last one, you'll notice, is much less extravagant. This is the kind my sister hopes to make. Those white shapes on the left are
onigiri. They are white rice balls covered in seaweed (nori) and most traditionally filled with pickled plums (umeboshi) or anything salty. I'm looking forward to anchovies or something. We'll figure it out soon.

So the product we're hoping to try from CSN stores is..... a rice cooker! Hopefully it'll help us make some beautiful rice while inspiring us to continue making these great lunches! I'm hoping my sister will do a guest post whenever she is ready to make these. It'll be soon, so keep an eye out!


  1. Monet said...:

    Such adorable bento boxes! My husband bought me one for Christmas last year, and I've had so much fun preparing my lunches in them. Thanks for sharing! And I'm excited to see how you like your rice cooker!

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