Cinnamon Ice Cream

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I mentioned cinnamon ice cream would be a great pairing for the apple pie I just made. Oh, and it was! I have posted this cinnamon ice cream recipe before, but I did not include pictures=( And to be completely honest, I didn't take any better ones this time around either. I can't figure out how to photograph ice cream! If anyone has any pointers, It'd be greatly appreciated! I'm not very good at food photography as it is. I'm not patient enough to get a good photo of my food because I'm too excited to try it!

I've always wanted to make ice cream sandwiches! This incidentally did not make that good of an ice cream sandwich, if I'm being honest. The cookie was way too hard and the ice cream spilled all out the sides. Also, it was hard to detect the gingerbread flavor once it got cold=/

But... add this to a slice of apple pie or have it on it's own! I love how quick this recipe is and how little involvement it has. It's a good solid recipe.

Cinnamon Ice Cream
2 cups heavy cream
1 cup milk
1 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
3 teaspoons cinnamon (I put more in hehe)

Combine heavy cream and sugar then stir in milk. Add in vanilla and cinnamon. Pour mixture into you ice cream maker.



  1. Monet said...:

    I adore I know that this ice cream must be stellar! And I love your little ice cream cute! I think you did a great job photographing this ice cream, by the way. I was very impressed! Thanks for sharing, love!

  1. Rebecca said...:

    I am obsessed with cinnamon ice cream! It is the best! Somehow it never makes it to the pie though. Hmm...

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