MSC: Applesauce (Pecan) Cupcakes

Monday, November 30, 2009

This months MS Cupcakes Bonus Bake was chosen by none other than... ME! I asked our founder Betty if a recipe had been chosen yet and she said I could pick. After careful consideration I decided the Applesauce Spice cupcakes would be a great pick that kept with the season. As an added plus, I had all the ingredients already in my house. So the very next day I set out to make them!

These came together so incredibly fast. Martha gives you an option of adding chopped pecans, and I would never so no to nuts, so I did. I had plenty left over from our last bake and just needed to toast them a bit.

After the addition of the nuts, I decided the name needed to be changed. I had turned simple applesauce cupcakes into full out pecan cupcakes! Whoops! I probably put wayyy too many in. The applesauce taste was not that present, but that was probably due to the extreme pecan flavor. I also felt these were much more like muffins than cupcakes. They were crumbly and a tad dry, which brings me to the next bit of news...

I kinda burnt them... Which has NEVER happened to me!!! But there's a first time for everything. With my oven I always take Martha's cooking times with a grain of salt. In the past I've had to cook them for up to 10 minutes over the suggested baking time. This time, at exactly the recommended time, they were done. However, I was skeptical and put them in for 2 minutes longer and it was two minutes too much. So they came out a bit dryer than I'd like and the wrappers needed some effort to pull off but they were definitely still edible.

I had wished to share these with some people at school but I didn't want to give something that wasn't my best effort=/ I did give a few to the bake sale for the Turkey Bingo I mentioned earlier.

For these cupcakes I made the browned butter cream cheese frosting like suggested. It paired very nicely and went well with the overload of pecans.

Out of the 18 serving size Martha said you'd get, I got 24. Figures.

Overall, they definitely weren't my favorite cupcake, but that's probably all my fault anyway. Would I make them again? Ehh, probably not=/.

Also, just so you know, I wrote this whole post with one hand because my cat was sleeping on the other=) (using shift was a nightmare!)


  1. k.a.r.e.n said...:

    I got 15 cupcakes! Yours look great. Thanks for a nice pick.

  1. cindy said...:

    Thanks for a great pick. I think we may have been spoiled by the strong flavored pumpkin and sweet potato cupcakes from last month. is nice to have a recipe that can be made from pantry items. I cooked them less than the suggested time, I love pecans and the brown sugar, cream chesse frosting was delish. So yes, I would make them again. My out of town company also enjoyed them.

  1. SUGAR B said...:

    OMG, we do think alike and I share the same sentiment with these cupcakes.

    You know what's funny?! I didn't bring these into work because I didn't want ppl to think that my cupcakes taste like this normally. HA!

    They tasted like muffins, didn't like the recommended pecans, and the Pumpkin Patch cupcakes recipe is far superior! Agreed, agreed, agreed!

    Thanks for giving these a try! I am looking forward to the next baking challenge! YAY!

  1. Tracey said...:

    Thanks for a fun pick Sherry! Your cupcakes look delish! I skipped the pecans entirely but I completely agree with you that these were more like muffins. Of course, the huge dollop of frosting on mine left no doubt they were cupcakes! These definitely weren't my favorite recipe we've made so far, but I still thought they were tasty :)

  1. It was a good pick. It may not have been as flavorful as some of the others but that is what hubby likes so I am thankful for this recipe.

  1. Jennifer said...:

    I enjoyed making these, they turned out great! :)

  1. Ingrid said...:

    I'll be honest I've had issues with most of MS's recipe's from that cookbook. The only one that was truly stellar was the pumpkin sage with a brown butter glaze.

    As someone has already said your cupcakes still looked good.

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