Lemon and Vanilla Cupcakes

Tuesday, October 5, 2010
Yes, pumpkin week is coming up very soon here on my blog. Just hang in there a bit longer! Here's another summer clean out post for you in the mean time.

A while back, I broke my icing piper=( It was a sad, sad day. My cupcakes have never been the same. I've certainly tried to make due as you can see
here, here, and here. This time was no different, but I attempted to create a make-shift piping bag. It's pretty rough... I know. But I knew the people I was making these for wouldn't mind my "rustic" piping job.

This was for one of my family's closest neighbors. My parents are friendly with the parents and
their daughter is like my BFF. They love my baking, so they asked me to provide cupcakes for a low key 50th birthday they were having for the Mister. Knowing what I do, I decided to make his favorite, lemon. Along with that I made vanilla to appease everyone, and myself hehe.

This was a pretty simple job. I can make the vanilla cupcakes in my sleep, and with my new easy zester, lemon baked goods are easier than ever! (That really sounded like an infomercial there...) But it really was easy. So these are just Martha Stewart's lemon meringue cupcakes, minus the meringue. Instead, I made a lemon cream cheese frosting. I added lemon heads to the top for decoration. I do have some class.

These cupcakes, not so much class. But they never fail in the taste department. All the cupcakes were devoured with joy and we all lived happily ever after. =)

Hit up Martha Stewart for the recipes!


  1. Monet said...:

    You did a great job on those cupcakes! With or without your piping bag, I know that everything you bake will be a success. The lemonheads on top of your lemon cupcakes were just perfect. What a creative embellishment!

  1. Patty said...:

    I really liked the "rustic" piping on those cupcakes and they tasted delicious!

  1. Jennifer said...:

    GREAT job on the cupcakes!! I love anything Martha :)

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