Apple Galette made easy

Thursday, September 17, 2009

This recipe made me extremely happy. My neighbor has an overflowing apple tree and was practically begging me to take some off her hands. Then, I found this nifty recipe for an apple galette online and knew it was perfect. Over at Pinch My Salt, you are walked through each step of the process. She displays wonderful pictures and comments of every step of the way and I found it extremely helpful.

The dough she recommends was really my first attempt at a pastry dough, and I was not disappointed. It came together wonderfully and was super tasty.

The recipe calls for four apples and maybe six if they're small. Well I used four and still had a lot of apples! So after making the galette and having leftover apples, I made little apple pie cups!

With Pinch My Salt's help, this recipe was extremely easy and came together beautifully. The results were fantastic and I was surprised at the huge results with little effort. I definitely recommend this recipe to anyone and everyone=)

Serve this up with some homemade whipped cream and you'll find yourself in heaven!


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