MSC: Zucchini Spice Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Tuesday, September 15, 2009
When I heard what the month of September's cupcakes were going to be, I was ecstatic! Zucchini cupcakes not only sound delicious, but healthy too! Of course when I spread the monumental amount of cream cheese frosting over it, well that's another story.

To make these cupcakes is extremely easy. You really can't go wrong. Grating the zucchini was a breeze, just use a regular cheese grater and go to town, skin and all. The spices smell so aromatic as you add them in. My favorite part, though, was the toasted walnuts. Pop some walnuts in the oven and in a few minutes you can take your cupcakes from good, to AMAZING!

I took these to a family reunion and they were an immediate hit. Of course you're hitting only a small demographic of people on account of the zucchini, which is tragic. My dad of course said they looked wonderful, but no way would he even try a bite. Way to encourage my love of baking Dad.

I will admit these are extremely addicting and one cupcake will soon be followed by another until you lose count of how many you've actually had. Or maybe you made yourself forget on purpose?... Anyway, I made these ahead of time then froze them for two days. The morning of the day I needed them I took them out to thaw. I made the frosting the night before and refrigerated that. Unfortunately, it was extremely hot that day and the Battle with the Frosting began. Using the semi-frozen cupcakes to my advantage I was able to frost about a dozen before I was met with dripping frosting. Keeping calm (yeah right.), I just plowed on. Since I was transporting these to the party, I put ice packs between the Tupperware. They were perfectly fine by the time we got there and ready to be eaten!

I am so thankful to Tracey from Tracey's Culinary Adventures for choosing this month's recipe! I am a big fan of hers. You can find the recipe on her blog. Also, go here to see the Martha Stewart's Cupcake Club's official blogspot along with the other baker's who participated in this challenge.

Up next, September's bonus bake: Banana Pecan cupcakes with caramel buttercream.


  1. Judy said...:

    i was super skeptical at first, but you're right... they are SO addicting! everyone who tried them thought they were delicious!

  1. Tracey said...:

    Thanks for baking along with me this month Sherry! You're so sweet :) I'm glad you liked my selection and that they were a hit at the family reunion. I wasn't sure I would love them but I definitely did, though that was due in no small part to the amazing cream cheese frosting!

  1. nancyew said...:

    These cupcakes are really good! I think even my kids will eat them (who seem to be a lot more adventurous than your dad!)

  1. TeaLady said...:

    Your DAD doesn't know what he is missing. They were sooooo good.

    Yours look lovely.

  1. SUGAR B said...:

    What a great post . . I love reading about your dad's baking encouragement! Ha! Hilarious!

    I love all the pictures as well. All the frosting doesn't make it "healthy" anymore, huh? ;)

    Thanks for baking along with us this month. You are a star!

  1. Mom said...:

    I am so glad that you're part of the Martha Stewart Cupcake Club! The recipes in the MSC book make it easy to achieve great results. Keep the cupcakes coming!

  1. Mary said...:

    They look really tasty! Especially the cream cheese frosting.

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