White Velvet Butter Cake Day 3

Friday, September 11, 2009
On our third day of baking the cake, It was time for assembly and frosting.

We poured the raspberry puree into the buttercream and combined them.

Here's our assembly:
So it's not a real professional job or anything, but we were very proud of our hard work.

So our white velvet butter cake with a raspberry puree buttercream was a huge success!! It was incredible tasting. It had a light fresh taste and was very moist and dense. The raspberry went so so so well with the white cake. It tasted best at room temperature or slightly chilled.

It was a lot of hard work, and pretty time consuming. So, unless someone asked me to make the a gourmet cake and I was possibly getting paid for it, I don't know if I'd be able to justify all the work. Wow, that sounds pretty lazy of me. But, I don't know, we'll see if I try another. I'd like to make her simple pound cake though, that wouldn't be too bad.


  1. Mom said...:

    This cake was really special; because of that, I'm not sure I can ever eat cake from a box again:(

  1. Mary said...:

    The cake looks delicious! I made TCB All-Occasion Downy Yellow Butter Cake and Buttermilk Country Cake recently. I highly recommend both. Especially Buttermilk Country cake with creme fraiche and peaches. I will be making White Velvet Butter soon now.

  1. Wow!!! This looks fantastic!! Yummy yummy! - mary the food librarian

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