Primanti Brothers: A restaurant review.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009
This is a brief review, but I made it to the infamous Primanti Brother's. After passing it almost twice daily, I finally made my way inside.

Known for their classic sandwiches topped with coleslaw and fries, Primanti Brother's is a Pittsburgh staple. Their #2 best seller is The Pitts-Burger Cheese Steak and it embodies the classic Primanti Brother's sandwich. Served on Italian bread slices its filled with fresh-cut fires, coleslaw, tomatoes, onions, provolone cheese, all on a sirloin beef patty.

When I got there I was all decided to chose that #2 seller, but changed my mind, like always. I choose the Sicilian Cheesesteak which was to die for! By far the best sandwich I have ever tried in my life. It was the juiciest cut of beef with peppers, onions, mushrooms served au jus baked with mozzarella cheese slices then topped with lettuce and tomato. On crustini bread! It is absolute perfect. If you can fit it in your mouth.

The bun get slightly soggy from the beef juices, by I thought it made it even better. Also, I did try a fry or two off my mom's sandwich, and ehh, not a fan. The atmosphere was fun and you can tell there's a lot of history in the restaurant. There are also plenty of other great options to choose from. I'll definitely go back considering I live so close to a location of theirs.

I mostly just had to post this because we got pictures of me eating my jumbo sandwich. And yes, I did eat it all! They are huge and superfilling!!!


  1. Mary said...:

    Great pictures!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I did have the "#2 Best Seller" and it was good, but I found myself wanting it to be greasier. Your sandwich, although messier, looked so juicy! I would definitely get that the next time.


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